Monday, 30 July 2012


Same dimensions as the Probability of a Putt Prawn (300mmx800mm with a 65mm border) and printed in the same stock, Orca houses my style of painting, which was born while collaborating with Sam Shaw (STR crew) back in 2001. This style I like to call `Instinctivism'- which describes itself pretty well really. Instinctive mark making without any preconception of where it's going to end. When the painting clicks in my mind and says DONE, I stop. I tend to focus on neighbouring colour schemes and often paint in negative to leave useful shapes behind. Instinctivism is a combination of Abstract, Impressionist and Graffiti art movements. For me, Instinctivism enables me to really enjoy the painting process, like freestyling on the microphone, free running or jamming in a don't know what to expect when you're doing it but enjoy the process nonetheless.

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